Shopify vs. Bigcommerce

B2B E-commerce Platform Comparison; Shopify vs. Bigcommerce

When buyers are deciding to select a B2B e-commerce solution mostly, they are concerned about certain questions such as the real cost of a B2B e-commerce platform and the features they have and if they are reliable and have user reviews. In this article will have a look at the comparison between Shopify VS Big commerce.

1) Features and functionality

Just like with the other software solutions it is essential to look out for features and functionality. By all means, a good e-commerce platform should be able to support processes, workflows, and the requirements which matter to your business. The most common features of Bigcommerce include email integration, API, Mobile access and phone and online support while Shopify features include product catalog, online action management, online order management and order processing, and confirmation.

2) Pricing comparison

To understand the exact price of a B2B e-commerce solution can be very hard. Since the overall price includes customization cost, software license, hardware costs, subscription fees, and other services. When you’re considering the overall cost of ownership, you should first consider all of these costs.

The pricing of Bigcommerce begins from 25$ every month per user, and Shopify prices begin from 29$ ever month per user. Both of the e-commerce platforms are rated the same, and they provide lesser cost as compared to other e-commerce solutions.

3) Product management

Product management in Shopify is intuitive and straightforward. Every segment of the product is well separated to making things easy to understand. You can freely categorize your products, set the shipping costs and even set different colors of different products After you have enough products in your database Shopify then displays them in a table which you can later optimize them.

Bigcommerce is also user-friendly especially when it comes to incorporating new products and then managing them on the site. But Big commerce site is a bit outdated as compared to that of Shopify. Using Bigcommerce fills a bit complex even though they still provide users with all the standard and required fields. Big Commerce offers a lot of options when it comes to adding new products to your website and setting details regarding the products. Shopify, on the other hand, is more user-friendly and straightforward to users


If you are new and starting out and you want a platform with fewer features and a great design, then you should opt for Shopify. If you want growth in your business, various features and an unlimited number of product descriptions, then you go with Big Commerce.

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