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6 Building Blocks of Top B2B E-commerce Websites

What do some of the most successful B2B e-commerce platforms have in common? They have much more than payment processing and online orders. Here are some of the essential factors which every B2B business needs for it to get ahead


Never underestimate the power of design. Your customers should be in a position to find what they are looking for as soon as they arrive on your website. Your store should be responsive and fast with pages which quickly load and offer a smooth navigation process across various mobile devices.


Decision making in a B2B platform is mostly a group effort. Due to this, it is vital that you provide your team with all the necessary information which is needed in making the decisions.


SEO is essential for driving traffic in your site. Identifying the most common terms which your customers usually use when trying to look for certain products and then you optimize your website content for these terms. Majority of e-commerce solutions have built-in tools which are used for optimizing the pages on your web store.


This may seem apparent, but it’s crucial for you to maintain your website and try to keep it current. If you are hosting a blog, try to update it with posts regularly. TEST the old links to make sure that they are still working. Avoid leaving promotional, seasonal, and other sensitive themes longer than they should stay. It can be easy letting such details to slip by. Making time for such details will keep you at the forefront compared to people who don’t.


Successful businesses grow and change. You do not want to rebuild your business now and then as you continue to add new content and sections. Planning for the future and selecting a platform which is scalable will save you from problems which you might encounter down the road.

Social media

A lot of companies assume that social media should only be used by B2C businesses. Social media exposes your business to numerous online clients. You need to determine some of the strongest social media platforms for your business and develop content which will be impressive to your target audience.


Some of the most successful B2B e-commerce solutions have various things which they have in common. Some of these things include the design, social media outreach, scalability, and curation.

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